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Ethical Culture History

In 1876, Dr. Felix Adler founded the Ethical Culture Society as a new movement to further the advancement of social justice for all. This Humanist movement focuses on human goodness and building ethical relationships with each other and the Earth. As part of a non-theistic movement, Ethical Humanists do not concern themselves with the existence or non-existence of a deity but instead embrace the diversity of fellow humans.

The Ethical Culture Society of Los Angeles (ECSLA) was founded in 1945 by Dr. Arthur Briggs, a leader in the American Ethical Union. It evolved in several stages with several leaders. The most current Leader was Dr. Gerald A. Larue, Professor Emeritus of Biblical History and Archaeology at the University of Southern California, Adjunct Professor of Gerontology at U.S.C., and Chairman of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion at the Center for Inquiry. Larue was also recognized as the 1989 Humanist of the Year by the American Humanist Association.

This site is created to promote inspirational or interesting works from the Ethical Culture movement, and perhaps re-ignite interest in a new Ethical Humanist Society of Los Angeles in the future.